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To keep the forum informative and enjoyable we have rules and guidance on good forum etiquette.
This is not a pre-moderated forum - please report any posts which break the forum rules.  Breaches of Forum Rules may result in posts being edited by a moderator, a warning, a temporary ban or a permanent ban, depending on the severity of the matter. Repeated breaches of forum etiquette will be dealt with in the same way. All decisions made by the moderators are final.

Forum Rules
1. Do not post messages which are obscene, racist, contain personal attacks or break the law including copyright, trademark or intellectual property law.
2. Please ensure all images posted are as small as possible and always under 2MB in size.
3. Swearing, profanity and symbols in place of swear words will not be tolerated. Please keep your language to a PG level.
4. No trolling. Suspected trolls may be banned without warning.
5. No commercial adverts without prior permission.
Please do not post advertising your own website - a link on your signature is fine.
Forum Etiquette
1. Be polite. 
3. Please stay on topic.  If you want to ask a new question please start your own thread.
5. Large signatures make the Forum difficult to read, so please keep your signature brief. Offensive signatures will be removed.
6. The use of CAPITAL LETTERS on internet forums is considered to be shouting. Please use sentence case in both thread titles and posts.
7. Please post in proper words, not text-speak, and avoid the use of abbreviations that may be unfamiliar to other posters.
8. Please post in English.
While we are not going to forbid people from giving out personal information (real name, email address etc) we would like to remind members that you cannot tell who is looking at this information and what purposes they will use it for. Please think before you post!