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I select 2d in the wizard, I am using a trigger to keep my player from moving up and down, although maybe I should probably delete up and down key assignments instead.
My player and NPC are still in 3d. My one dimensional sprite I have created cannot be seen in a top down view and in 3D view the player bullets fire off toward a vanishing point instead of straight up at the NPC, which moves horizontally across the screen.

Sorry for all the questions, I know you're busy.



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Fire Direction

To get players and NPCs to fire from the position you want and in the direction you want you need to set up a tag. To do this, select the player/NPC and go to the Tag tab. Select Add New Tag and a tag point will appear on the entity. You can enter position and rotation values in the Tag tab or use the move and rotate tools which appear in the small Tag Tools window. . When this is done, go to the General tab and set Fire From Tag to the tag you have created.

By default a sprite stays in the plane where it has been placed and does not always face the camera. To change this, select the entity in the Entity Editor, go to the Sprite tab and check the Billboard box. I have just looked at this and found that it is working fine in the Level Editor but isn't working in-game - we will get this fixed.