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Hi !

I have a new idea for a weapon but i can't make it work.

I want the player to be able to create an "energy cube" when he press his special weapon button.
That cube is just like any NPC. It uses PhysicX, have a collision box, can track, fire and follow a player.

How can i make it work ?

When i use the cube as a bullet for a weapon, the cube fired will ignore it's own PhysicX settings and follow only the behavior set in the weapon definition.

- I want the cube to act independently once the player shoots it.
- I want a new cube to be created each time the player press the button
- The cube should be created in front of the player that activated it.

Thanks for your help !

Tall John
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How can i make players fire NPC ?

Hi Djio,

Currently this isn't possible but we've got a big engine update coming soon which allows anything to set anything else. This will support Players firing NPCs. It also makes it much easier to create Asteroids style games where an NPC generates multiple new ones.

I'm unsure exactly when we will be introducing this but I'm hoping it will be the big feature of 2.0.14.

I'll give some thought as to whether there is a work-around and could perhaps add firing NPC bullets into one of the 2.0.13 betas, if you need it sooner.


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Thanks for the fast

Thanks for the fast reply.
It's sad for my project, but now i can move on to something else until 2.0.14 :)

I would be happy if it can be made sooner but i can wait.