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Hi all!

A very interesting product! I have a few questions about it though:

How easy is it to make multi-part 3D objects? I understand you can set emitter points to 3D objects but can these be used to join models together, or form an in game relationship via code?

Do grouped 3D models have a parent structure? An old project of mine called for multi-part / stage models- I'd love to have parts that if shot fall away, but I can't see if this is possible.

Also, is it possible to achieve a blocky look by having a low resolution set with full screen at runtime?

How 'light' are games when standalone? I know that having large asset files bumps up the file size, but do standalones have bloat or need to have dependent packages installed with them? For example, if you had a simple asteroids game made with blocks, how big would it be?

Can you enforce polygon budgets / limit palettes?

Thanks for your time answering these!

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General questions with 3D content

Hi Rubbernuke,

Thank you for your interest in the Shoot 'Em Up Kit and your questions.

You can parent objects by selecting a Parent entity in the Child property settings. You can select the point to attach the child to and which properties are to be shared. If health is shared, the total health for parent and children is taken and will reduce as children are destroyed.

In the Actions tab for the parent, a child can be attached or detached. At the moment an Action can’t detach multiple children, which is an oversight on our part and will be added. But a child can be destroyed and that will break the connection. So, for example, you can have an enemy with a body and 2 upper arms connected to 2 lower arms. If you destroy the upper arm then the lower arm will become detached.

There is a feature currently in development which will allow a low resolution at full screen. This is about to enter beta testing and should be in the next release.

Standalone games are about 5MB plus assets. At the moment games can only be exported for PC – I am not sure if you are wanting to export to other platforms as you are concerned about size. We are working on adding export to other platforms.

I'm sorry but it is not currently possible to enforce polygon budgets or limit palettes. I can see the usefulness of these and I'll add them to the feature request list.


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Thank you for your

Thank you for your comprehensive answers!

I was primarily concerned re program size as making games in Blender required packing in a great deal of unneeded Python libraries. A simple block moving would produce an .exe of about 30mb which was silly.

I'll be looking forward to your next beta release.