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I'm back it
I have a basic setup (static camera pointed at a static playfield), I used to be able to rotate the camera 90 and the game would display on it's side, I'm trying to do it again (on the current version of SEUK), and I can't get it to work. Camera roll 90 still displays the same view as camera roll 0, and I believe I've tried and ticked every relation option. Could you double check and help me if you get a minute?

It's very important to my current project, I'm trying to make a vertical arcade shmup (with the monitor on it's side in the cabinet), and I had planned on using that camera trick to view the game properly throughout the testing and contstruction. (--I'd back up the camera a bit, turn it on it's side, and see how it looks running vertically, then put the camera back when It's time to tip the monitor up).
Thank you!

----on another note: any prediction on when the new build will catch up to to old build (regarding bullet animations), or surpass the old build regarding the "on camera" functions? (I still can't get enemies that are activated by the camera to disappear when destroyed).
I'm still deciding whether I should try my next project on version ...9 or the new one.

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Camera Rotation

Hi Dpful,

I have reproduced the camera bug – I have found that pitch and yaw work fine but roll isn’t working. I have also reproduced the bug where destroyed enemies are not removed. We will look into what is causing the problems.

Sorry we haven’t got the bullet animation fix in yet. Camera Shake is working in the latest version but there is a problem with Camera Shake on the Destroyed event which we are fixing. We have been doing a major re-write of the Level Editor – it won’t make much visible difference but it will be a big improvement for the Shoot 'Em Up Kit. Features can go in faster, the UI will be more consistent and it will fix some small but long standing bugs and missing functionality. This update has taken a little longer than we expected so other development has been delayed. We're sorry about that.

We should be releasing a new version soon though with support for AI States, multiple layers of particles and more improvements to the Shield.


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Thank you! Keep me updated!

Thank you! Keep me updated! I'll keep moving ahead.
I'm having a great time showing off my first Shoot'em Up Kit game! Here's a flyer from our most recent event