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I've tried to compile my press on my own website here, but click the links- it's good press! I think most if not all mention the Shoot'em Up Kit, so save/share the links if you need to!
Thanks John and Karen! Thanks for the Shoot'em Up Kit!
I also am arranging to build another cabinet for the arcade bar that just opened up in Salt Lake City.
Also, with that bar as a possible venue, I'm planning on teaching a class on the Shoot'em Up Kit, and try and get some people in my area involved in exploring it.

Here's a link to my homely webpage (but the exciting part is the links to the Arcade Heroes site and youtube- that's the only arcade industry blog I know, and my game is getting seen by more people than I'd ever imagine. Awesome!). When I show my friends, they just say, "I can't believe you made an arcade game", and I can't believe it either! Thank you Tall Studios!


Tall John
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JPO In SLC got some coverage from Arcade Heroes.com

Hi Dpful,

That's amazing! Well done for getting that coverage. It's really exciting. And thank you for mentioning the Shoot 'Em Up Kit too - it is much appreciated.

I'm genuinely delighted that you've made a game to be proud of and other people are enjoying too - so you're very welcome.

It's great to hear you're thinking of teaching a class on the Shoot 'Em Up Kit. We're a long way away but if we can help in any way then please let us know.

Thanks again for sharing your website with all the exciting coverage of JPO in SLC.