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Hi John, I'm having success with my arcade game, JPO in SLC-- one thing that I never made peace with is that I couldn't work out an attract screen, where is shows some of the gameplay before you put in your quarter.

Anyways, I've just gone through it again (the game is built with Beta Previous, and only works on that) and I didn't think it could be done, but I was able to throw up an .ogg video over the front end screens, and it plays. But I'm having problems-- during game test, the videos all play incredibly fast, or incredibly choppy. I've just been running through different parameters, but I thought I'd ask here for advice before I waste too much time. --and I remember seeing an answer to this question before, but for the life of me I can't find it.

Is there a proper video format/framerate/bitrate that I should be using?

My procedure now is:
DVR the live gameplay in mp4 format, 60 fps, 1280x760 (that's the game's resolution) using the xbox dvr built into windows 10,
then I use Format Factory to convert it to .ogg format.
When I drop it into a front end screen, it looks great, but when I test the game, it plays super fast.

Thanks John and Karen for this great program.

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-----I always have a little

-----I always have a little breakthrough right AFTER I post on here.
I still need your advice,
but I've just seen that is only plays back fast if I'm not in full screen.
Also-- thinking that high bit rate is a little choppy, low bit rate might be smoother. I'm aiming for as smooth as possible.

Tall Karen
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Video playback

Hi Dpful,

Great to hear from you. Getting the video format right is a bit trial-and-error. The settings can depend on the resolution of the video, the playback speed and how much of the image is changing each frame. We have always had to play around with video settings with games we have been involved with. Our test video for the Shoot 'Em Up Kit is 720x400, framerate 25, sample rate 48000Hz, bitrate 80Kb/s. You can download a video in various sizes and encodings to try here.

The double speed playback is fixed in the current version of the Shoot 'Em Up Kit. We are happy to work with you to get your project working on the latest Beta version as it includes a lot of improvements.